Deliver your live or on-demand content to new audiences

With a modular set of turnkey components, Cloud4TV solution is a modern and comprehensive platform for deploying live and on-demand OTT services. Our Cloud4TV – OTT solution is very flexible and can be adapted to any business model.

The Cloud4TV solution is ideal for premium content owners, telecom operators and broadcasters who want to serve video content to viewers worldwide, and across multiple platforms and devices.

Cloud4TV ties all components together for end to end content distribution and monetization: On the back-office side, we provide an intuitive interface to manage content preparation, organization and offerings as well as tracking activities and revenue. On the front end side, you can browse and bookmark content, select payment methods and preview the videos on any device.

OTT Service Manager User Interface

Why Cloud4TV?

  • TVoD, SVoD and EST business models
  • Live, catchup and premium VoD support
  • DASH CENC, Smooth Streaming, download and offline playback support
  • PlayReady, Widevine, Marlin, FairPlay DRM with secure players for Desktops, iOS and Android
  • Separate back-office roles for service curation and customer care
  • Social network or dedicated accounts sign in
  • Prepaid or postpaid account with flexible payment methods
  • Device pairing management and restriction
  • Open and documented RESTfull API for 3rd party integration
  • Professional Services


How does it work?

The OTT Service management is composed of:

  • Admin interface, provided as a Saas service reachable from any browser, giving you full control of the data stored in the backend.
  • Backend in charge of keeping track of all information related to media and users. It is accessible through standardized REST API allowing any external application to interact with authenticated calls signed with private keys.
  • DRM to protect the video against piracy, thanks to widely approved technologies from Microsoft Playready, Google Widevine and Marlin Intertrust to secure content playback to authorized users and devices.
  • C4M Transform to handle media ingest orders and track their workflow executions until delivery to CDN.

Customer Success Stories

OTT Case Study

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