Visualize your communication with the combination of video and PowerPoint

With Arkena Video platform and the add-on feature, Presenter, you can in an easy and fast way reach out to your audience. Not only will you create an easy to view presentation but you’ll also give your viewer the control to choose what chapter to watch.

When organizations searching for ways to do more with less, cost-saving technologies like webcasting are becoming more and more widely used. Arkena Presenter transforms any office into a webcast studio.

Arkena Presenter solution simplifies the many steps required to create, edit and publish rich media presentations so that users of any technical skill level can deliver live and on-demand webcasts.


WebTV Presenter simplifies the many steps required to create, edit and publish rich media presentations.

All you have to do is synchronize your presentation with your own video, create chapters so viewers can go directly to specific content or jump back and forth in your presentation. A user-friendly WebTV service that can be used by anyone in your organization.

Easy to use

In Presenter you work in a timeline where you easily create the presentation.At any time, you can update and make changes.

You build your own auditoriums to suit your company’s graphical profile. You can enable feedback to let your viewers interact with a moderator during the event and apply security modules to be sure your presentation is confidential, if necessary.

By using the built-in analytic tools, you can always track the performance of your presentations directly from the interface.

This is how it works:

1. Open the timeline

2. Add your video and your presentation

3. Create chapters

4. Save and distribute

Arkena WebTV Presenter

Together with our Video platform, you have a full content management system to manage all your internal and external video.

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