Publish live broadcasts or On Demand videos directly from your iPhone

Arkena Mobile Publisher is designed to capture, or even stream video live from your iPhone. Share video content with your employees, customers, fans and followers – anytime, anywhere.

Content creation made simple

After logging into the Arkena Mobile Publisher App with your OVP account details, you can record a new video or choose one from your library which will then be uploaded directly to your OVP account. Configure video details such as title, description, publish time or category. Share the video instantly to Facebook, Twitter, by mail or SMS. All this, and more, with a tap of your finger.

Arkena Mobile PublisherArkena Mobile Publisher

Engage with your customers with live video

Live stream the latest news from trade shows, do short interviews with customers out in the field and get your content on-line and viewable in a few minutes. Why not use it for mobile editorials or video blog posts to your company blog? You no longer have to wait to get to a desktop to upload the content. Mobile Publisher will do the job for you – real time, real easy.

How it works – on demand

1. Download the app here and start the App 2. Record the video or choose one of your previous recordings from the camera roll 3. Add clip information, select category, choose publish time 4. Have the files uploaded to your Arkena OVP account 5. Publish instantly in your player 6. Share with your viewers using mail, social media or simply SMS

How it works – live

1. Start the App and set up your live stream in a few simple steps 2. Add clip information, select category, choose publish time 3. Choose if you want to save a copy of your live stream on your phone for later use 4. Distribute links and embed codes using mail, social media or simply SMS 5. Choose quality based on your available bandwidth 6. Start your broadcast


• Upload video to Arkena OVP account • Stream Live using your iOS device • Save live streaming to camera roll for easy On Demand version creation • Publish & share directly from the App • Manage the library • Stream live through existing media items • Manage the metadata, including delayed publish time • Support for front and back camera • Torch support • Wifi and cellular network support • iOS7 and later versions compatible • Available for iPhone 4, iPad 2, iPod Touch 5 and later

Aspect ratio

All videos captured with the App will be in 16:9 format.


On Demand videos captured using the in App recording feature will have compression applied to them. This is for enabling users to upload their videos faster whilst in the field. If you are uploading videos captured using Iphone’s native camera App, no compression will be applied and the video will be uploaded in their original resolution. Videos saved to the camera roll during a live broadcast will have the same compression as selected while setting the Live streaming up.