Reduce bandwidth load for internal live streaming

Hundreds of simultaneous live or on-demand video streams can cripple any internal network. Enterprises and large companies that are eager to use live video for CEO briefs, town hall meetings or internal training are often faced with costly hardware investments. However, with Hive Streaming, a peer-to-peer software solution that utilizes your existing hardware, you can save up to 99 percent of the bandwidth load.


Hive Streaming is a software-based video distribution network (VDN) for live video broadcasting used by enterprises. The software, developed by Arkena partners Hive Streaming, utilizes the existing hardware infrastructure, such as workstations and end-user devices, to create a dynamic peer-assisted distribution network.



The core feature, which makes all the difference, is that there is only one video stream to each network segment, regardless of the number of viewers in that particular segment. Therefore, the traffic bandwidth is reduced to a single video stream for each network. Since you already have all the necessary hardware, the solution is very cost-effective and it can be deployed and ready to go within days and it can reach all the corners of your network with high quality video.

We’ve done a blog post series where we went through the potential bottlenecks that arise when streaming live video within the organization:

“Have you ever tried to go live on air where all of your 500+ employees and stakeholders, scattered in multiple offices all around the world, tune in at the same time? If you have, chances are that it was both your first and last go at internal live video events. Best case scenario is that headquarters got a decent quality stream, but for everyone else the intended message was hopelessly lost due to constant buffering and frame freezes. Seem familiar?”

Enterprise bottlenecks for internal live video streaming – and how to avoid them. Pt 1/2

Enterprise bottlenecks for internal live video streaming – and how to avoid them. Pt 2/2

The internal live webcast challange

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