Publish, manage and distribute video live or
on-demand to every device

The Arkena Video Platform provides enterprises, organizations and the public sector with an all in one tool to publish, manage and distribute video live or on-demand to every device. Deliver your video content to all devices and platforms with an end-to-end online SaaS solution. Arkena Online Video Platform,  makes it easy to transcode, manage and publish your content. Out-of-box, it includes powerful Analytics, Paywall, mobile App, Presenter, Monetization, easy integration with a variety of 3rd party add-ons and much more.

End-to-end Solution

Arkena Online Video Platform provides all the tools you need to publish video to any Internet-enabled device. This end to end solution offers high quality video streaming, reliable encoding, easy content management, complete Analytics, cutting-edge players, plug-and-play Monetization, and much more. Organizations of all sizes have chosen Arkena Online Video Platform because it is easy to use and highly scalable. To ensure the best quality, we provide all services through our own CDN (Content Delivery Network).

Easy setup

With Arkena Online Video Platform, you don’t need any specific technical knowledge or the help of IT experts to stream video on your website. Live and on-demand video streaming is an excellent communication tool for product launches, internal information, investor relations, citizen information and much more.

Customer Success Stories


A video app to reach mobile employees

Learn how the telecom giant TeliaSonera utilizes the Arkena video platform to boost intranet viewing rates by using video to reach mobile employees.


Using video to visualize the democratic process

Learn how the Danish municipality Frederiksberg Kommune uses the Arkena video platform to broadcast their council meetings.

Why Arkena Video Platform

  • Stream Live or on-demand
  • Easily create custom workflows and integrate video into third-party applications with advanced APIs
  • Customize players with your own corporate look and feel
  • Boost viewership and strengthen brand loyalty with a consistent, branded video experience
  • Add Power Point presentations to your videos for enriched experience
  • Publish videos on social networks
  • Reduce costs and simplify workflow by using one, comprehensive video platform
  • Reduce internal bandwidth usage by 99% using Hive peer-to-peer technology
  • Distribute to YouTube with just one click
  • Secure and geo-block any sensitive or internal information
  • Track viewers with built in reporting tools

Reduce bandwidth load for internal live streaming

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Combine video with PowerPoint slides

To make your video communication even more educational and easy to receive use WebTV Presenter

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Fast and easy publishing with your Iphone

Create your on content right from your pocket with Mobile Publisher

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Your video on Facebook

See how you can use the Arkena Video Platform to build a Facebook Video Site

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Monetize on your content

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