Private cloud tailored to the media industry and designed for media assets

Cloud4Media is a SaaS/PaaS service that provides all the necessary tools for managing media assets within media companies, among different media companies, and between media companies and OTT, or telecom platforms.

With Cloud4Media, you can process rich media content, exchange it through Arkena’s managed network, build your personalized storage system, transform your assets into the required formats, edit and customize editorial and technical metadata, manage catch-up TV and VOD services, and manage, orchestrate and monitor your workflow with advanced tools.

Arkena has integrated and operates with its own products or for specific projects third party components for transcoding, QC, file transfer, MAM, traffic systems, storage….


Customer Success Stories

Richard - Cake Interview

World wide content distribution – “It’s a piece of Cake”

With the Cloud4Media solution, family entertainment distributors Cake can deliver their content around the world in a very easy and fast way.

Why Cloud4Media?

  • Flexible exchange options (hardware and/or software)
  • Unified cloud storage to manage hot and cold access to content
  • Efficient processing services to enrich, transcode, reformat, edit, track, and control your content
  • Use dedicated tools for catch-up TV and VOD services
  • Technical experts available for Web Services integration
  • World-class technical support available 24/7

Our content management suite for media assets is based on modularity. You can take your pick or use the whole suite, depending on your needs.


C4M Transform

Offers tools for processing and preparing your content for delivery. Encoding, transcoding, repurposing, and other processes can be automated. With C4M Transform, you can perform sophisticated post-production tasks, such as subtitling, editing, and branding. These features optimize workflows for time efficiency.

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Service Exchange

C4M Exchange

A highly secure and efficient file transfer system. C4M Exchange offers unlimited deliveries to recipients anywhere, and allows you to transfer files of any size or format. With C4M Exchange it is easy to automate processes and the component can be integrated with other systems.

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C4M Store

C4M Store

A private cloud reserved exclusively for media professionals. C4M Store offers unlimited storage capacity for your assets, which are hosted in secure, mirrored storage in data centers. You can access your content anywhere, any time.

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media schedule

C4M Schedule

Handle rights and VOD scheduling across multiple platforms and devices. Edit and publish metadata for multiple platforms in one place.

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