Harmony provides you with all the tools to manage and orchestrate your media workflow

Harmony is a SaaS (Software as a Service) platform that enables centralised management of all operational worflows for live and on-demand multiscreen content production and distribution, from a single interface.


Schema-Harmony-NoLogo-minAs an independent layer from any hardware or software provider, it offers a high number of connectors to integrate with any transcoding, archiving, file transfer quality check, Media asset management (MAM), DRM or Watermarking solution provider, etc.

Why Harmony?

  • Easy workflow management and orchestration based on BPM technology: it enables the organization of all the methods, tools and technologies of a media company’s business and their automated execution.
  • Agile service evolution: its powerful engine orchestrates all the components of Arkena’s Cloud4Media content management solution as well as any third-party components. Thanks to its agile open SOA (Service Oriented Architecture), using an ESB (Enterprise Service Bus)  adapted by Arkena to the Media industry, Harmony provides unprecedented integration and customization possibilities.
  • Extended monitoring: the platform also offers advanced monitoring features, including real-time tracking of every step of the workflows for every asset to keep the business and deadlines under control.
  • Dedicated subsystem to handle KPI: BAM (Business activity monitoring) enabling to configure KPI for operations, accountancy & finance, etc.