C4M Transform provides tools for processing and preparing your content for delivery

C4M Transform is optimized for studios or post-production houses delivering to broadcasters, and for broadcasters or content aggregators delivering to OTT or IPTV platforms.

With C4M Transform, you can encode, transcode and repurpose your assets, as well as perform sophisticated processes such as post-production tasks, subtitling, editing, logo insertion, and much more. You can automate the different transformation steps from ingest to transcoding by creating a workflow that is deeply integrated into your existing ecosystem, components from the market, or with other Arkena products such as C4M Exchange, C4M Store or C4M Schedule.

Why C4M Transform ?

  • Comprehensive and adapted end-to-end service
  • Any input and output formats including 4K
  • Simple systems specially for Catchup ( File to File or Life to File)
  • Automated workflow management and monitoring
  • Video editing  and post-production
  • Advertising pre-roll for promotional video message
  • Watermarking and fingerprinting
  • Transcoding and transmuxing to any OTT and IPTV formats
  • Possibility to customize the ingest, the delivery and the transformation steps via professional services
  • Metadata management : transformation of ingest metadata to all the platforms to be delivered….

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