Store and deliver your media assets with C4M Store

Arkena proposes all solutions form the market to store media files within its solutions.  Still, Arkena has developed a system to complete the market solutions to enable secured, Near Online storage. A cost-effective, centralized turnkey solution, C4M Store is ideal for long- or short-term storage, disaster recovery, and workflows that require centralized storage. It provides you with a cloud that has unlimited storage capacity where you can store files of every size and type.

Near Online Storage

For storage of frequently used assets, we provide our customers with a virtual content library archived at our data centers. All assets are hosted in a secure and mirrored data center, ensuring storage redundancy. Customers can easily manage and exchange their content using our user-friendly web access interface.

Media Store Diagram

Why C4M Store ?

  • Easily manage assets from anywhere (ingest, organize, rename, and delete content, add metadata)
  • Manage access to your content library (access rights control enabling third-party direct contribution)
  • Use the web-based drag-and-drop feature to organize your assets
  • Real-time tracking information
  • Scalable platform with unlimited storage capacity and mirrored data centers
  • Optimized workflow and web interface for efficient remote management