Highly secure environment for efficiently exchanging your media assets

Arkena proposes all solutions form the market to transfer files within its solutions. Still, Arkena has developed a system to complete the market solutions to enable secured, accelerated and managed service transfer system. Exchange content among members of your media ecosystem. You can quickly deliver content to multiple destinations through our secure and private international network. C4M Exchange can be a hardware- and/or software-based solution. Immediate access to 4,000 members of the entertainment ecosystem (post-production houses, TV channels, IFE, VOD, etc.)

Hardware file transfer solution

Our premium transfer option is designed for high-speed data transfer. We use the latest software technologies and open-source software to guarantee the integrity and security of every file exchanged across our network. With the hardware option, you can exchange massive volumes of content and large files.

Software file transfer solution

The software transfer option is a complement to the closed server-to-server option. The software option includes a transfer manager for file uploading and downloading to/from the online storage solution. It was developed for clients seeking a lighter version of our comprehensive services. The solution combines many Arkena file delivery features with the ease of use of a software solution.

Why C4M Exchange?

  • Deliver assets to any client worldwide (server or non-server)
  • End-to-end file integrity guaranteed via the RBC protocol (data acceleration)
  • Real-time tracking information (automatic notification upon completion of file transfer)
  • Automation workflow capability
  • Easy integration into your existing installation

C4M Exchange diagram