Powerful and efficient distribution network for delivering media assets

Arkena has a strong experience in CDN dedicated to media. The CDN service proposed by Arkena is built on an experienced operation team and a modular architecture using in house and third party technologies.

Arkena has decided to setup a strong partnership with Akamai for the Content Delivery Network service of its product offering.

AkamaiĀ is the CDN global leader that provides companies with secure and high-performing user experiences on any device, anywhere.

Akamai has over 200,000 servers in 110 countries in over 1600+ networks under Akamai Accelerated Network Partnership (AANP) agreement. The platform is fully redundant to ensure full availability and be able to handle traffic burst exceeding 35TB/s to meet daily needs, but also any specific or unsolicited events.

Operated services:

  • Live Origin Server
  • On-demand Origin Server
  • Transmuxing
  • DRM securization (Marlin, PlayReady, Widevine)
  • Global Traffic Management (with our partner Akamai)


Arkena offers a high level of premium support quality 24/7. Arkena operational teams have powerful and reliable tools for supervising the end-to-end distribution chain.

With this partnership, Arkena is proposing the best CDN technology within the Media Industry, bundled with a dedicated operation team to deliver a very high SLA.