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People are no longer behind their desk watching the intranet, they are on the move

Lars-åke Johansson, Senior Communications Manager at TeliaSonera

Reaching mobile employees

TeliaSonera’s challenge was to boost intranet viewing rates by using video to reach mobile employees.

We consist of many companies within the TeliaSonera group, all with the same challenge to communicate both internally and externally with video. The reason that we see video as a natural carrier of information is that consumer behavior within news and information has changed and video makes it possible to quickly reach out to our target audiences. 

We decided early on to find an enterprise video platform, and we identified some of the largest providers of Online Video Platforms. We chose Arkena’s solution due to their local presence and knowledge from being a market leader for many years.” – Says Lars-Åke Johansson, Senior Communication Manager, Corporate Communication.

Teliasonera Logo
  • TeliaSonera provides network access and telecommunication services predominantly in the Nordic and Baltic countries.
  • 26,166 employees worldwide
  • Founded in 1853


With the Arkena Video Platform and our versatile APIs, TeliaSonera built a video video app for internal use to reach their employees with the right information at the right time.

Arkena solutions are adaptable to our needs and their business model also fits our organization. We are pleased with how Arkena understands our business and we appreciate that the relationship is based on mutual respect and understanding of our needs. That enables us to grow further with Arkena’s Video Platform in the future. An additional “bonus” is that their open APIs gives us the chance to integrate the platform with third-party softwares at our desire.  – Lars-Åke Johansson, Senior Communication Manager, Corporate Communication.

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