Media Workflows

Optimizing media distribution workflows
with a digital ecosystem

22 March 2016

It’s not unusual that our customers are dealing with over hundreds of different partners and content providers, such as studios, post-production facilities and distributors. All of them have different needs and goals, depending on their position in the value chain and the type of content they deliver. Managing all the workflows with all content providers poses a [...]

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Harmony by Arkena Banner Image - Media Workflows made easy

SOA & BPM: dealing with complex media workflows

10 September 2015

The broadcasting industry has changed during the past few years. We moved from a few analogue linear channels distributed via terrestrial broadcast, cable or satellite to an unlimited volume of content, delivered live or on-demand to multiple devices such as computers, tablets, smartphones or smart TVs. We owe that to digitisation that transformed post-production tools, […]

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Online Video Monetization is King?

20 May 2015

The familiar saying goes ‘Content is king’ and those of us lucky enough to be working with online video & digital media know this by heart. But the story today is not all that simple. For media companies, the content is of course one of the main products on which they strive to create business [...]

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Navigating the DRM landscape

10 April 2015

When designing an OTT service, implementing a DRM protection is a must have: just like every component of the value chain, it brings additional complexity with a variety of stakeholders and end-user devices to address. The role of DRM Digital Rights Management (DRM) technologies are one of the solutions to protect online-delivered content from piracy. [...]

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metadata complexity

[VIDEO] Managing metadata complexity
for on-demand services

11 March 2015

When browsing a VOD service, it is paramount to easily find the content we are looking for. Whether we are using the search bar, or glancing over the thumbnails, the information better be accurate and directing to the right content. This role is endorsed by metadata. An on-demand service is not only about video, but [...]

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Quality of Experience

More Quality of Experience than
Quality of Service

4 March 2015

One of the biggest challenges for all the players launching their OTT service is about quality of service. Not only because of the competition, but also because OTT consumers are now paying subscribers that will no longer accept buffering and low video quality to watch their favourite shows. As soon as content is displayed on [...]

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