The stakes of digitization at TF1

22 June 2017

Olivier Abecassis, Chief Digital Officer at e-TF1 was recently invited to take the floor on the big challenges of digitization for the group. This interview has highlighted the opportunities and constraints of a successful digital transition on a large scale. Nowadays, the TF1 Group gathers 5 Free-to-Air channels (TF1, TMC, NT1, HD1 and LCI) and […]

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Catchup TV

Catchup TV in France in 2016

13 April 2017

In March 2017, the CNC (National Centre of Cinema and Animated Image) published a study about the catchup TV economy in 2016. Catchup (or replay) consists in all the services allowing to watch TV programs after their broadcast on air. Here are the key elements of this study.   The catchup offer Although replay started […]

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French VOD Market overview

10 April 2017

In the last few years, our way to consume video content have changed a lot, especially with VOD (Video On Demand). Discover the big trends for 2016 !

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DTT, the French favourite way to watch TV

5 April 2017

In March 2017, TDF published a study made by Ifop, an opinion polling institute, on the various TV reception modes in France, especially with DTT (Digital Terrestrial Television). Here are the key elements of this study.   French people prefer DTT Today, DTT is the favourite TV reception mode of French people: 70% of them […]

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WHITE PAPER: OTT service keys of success

16 March 2017

Whether we are at home, at the office, on the subway (…), be it live, on demand, by title, with subscription, we consume more and more TV programs each day, on multiple devices. The explosion of our audiovisual use in mobility cannot be denied. TV may still be the undisputed leader in video content consumption with 71% of the total audience, other connected devices […]

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SFR interface

SFR Goes OTT with Unlimited VOD to compete with Netflix, Canalplay & OCS

27 February 2017

The SFR Play Platform is an on-demand video platform originally dedicated to SFR and RED customers. SFR has recently decided to break free from TV decoders by going OTT and to offer its service to any internet user on any screen. Previously named “Zive”, the SFR SVOD offer, launched in 2015, was exclusively opened to […]

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TV 2016

The year 2016 in TV

10 February 2017

On January 25th, Mediametrie published a Press Release on the year 2016 in TV. This document deals with the behavior of French TV consumers during 2016, focusing on a major innovation: Mediametrie is now able to measure the audiences of replay, while it used to report classic TV metrics only. Moreover, Mediametrie aggregates the measures […]

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OTT reinvents TV

OTT reinvents TV

6 February 2017

In the “Strategies” magazine of January 29th, Bruno Fraioli lists the main factors that will ease the use of OTT, such as the generalization of connected TVs or the simplification of interfaces. Even though the market is still dominated by ADSL operators, the generalization of smart TVs considerably increases the adoption of new practices for […]

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Some Key findings on OTT services around the world

27 January 2017

Streaming Media and Telstra have recently published a global survey about OTT, focusing on both content and monetization. This document explains that there are two main reasons to launch an OTT services offering: it is mainly an offensive approach to attract new subscribers, but it can also be a defensive approach to retain customers (which […]

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Media Workflows

Optimizing media distribution workflows
with a digital ecosystem

22 March 2016

It’s not unusual that our customers are dealing with over hundreds of different partners and content providers, such as studios, post-production facilities and distributors. All of them have different needs and goals, depending on their position in the value chain and the type of content they deliver. Managing all the workflows with all content providers poses a [...]

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